WP 0 Preparation costs

WP 1 Project management

Activity 1.1 Financial and administrative management

Activity 1.2 Common management and communication framework

Activity 1.3 Evaluative monitoring

WP 2 Project communication

Activity 2.1 Setting up common methodologies for actions

Activity 2.2 CESBA network

Activity 2.3 Outreach

Activity 2.4 Events

Activity 2.5 Horizontal projects coordination

Activity 2.6 Contribution to Programme communication

Activity 2.7 Presentation of results

Activity 2.8 WP Coordination

WP 3 Testing

Activity 3.1 Analysis of transnational methods and KPIs for the assessment of urban areas

Activity 3.2 CESBA MED Local Committees

Activity 3.3 Test of transnational assessment methods and indicators

Activity 3.4 Evaluation of test results

WP 4 Transferring

Activity 4.1 CESBA SN Toolkit

Activity 4.2 CESBA MED Training System

Activity 4.3 CESBA MED Sprint Workshop

Activity 4.4 CESBA MED Regional Seminars

Activity 4.5 WP Coordination

WP 4 Capitalising

Activity 5.1 CESBA MED Wiki

Activity 5.2 CESBA Training in MED

Activity 5.3 CESBA MED System

Activity 5.4 CESBA MED Cities Network

Activity 5.5 Sustainable MED Neigbourhoods Award

Activity 5.6 WP Coordination