City of Udine applies the CESBA MED assessment protocol to the "Aurora district"

The municipal administration, partner of the CESBA MED project, has been promoting since long the use of sustainability assessment both buildings and its extension to urban areas such as neighborhoods or even the whole city. The Aurora district is the pilot area on which the urban scale protocol assessment of the CESBA MED project has been implemented in Udine.

The first phase of the project led to the contextualization of the tool referring to the district actual features. The objectives set by the environmental energy, mobility and social policies, already approved and initiated by the municipal Administration, have become the target to be achieved. From these assumptions and from the current legislation, benchmarks and weights have been defined for the calculation of the indicators. The final achievement, in addition to the structuring of the needed databases, produced an assessment and rating of the district sustainability, which is summarized in the diagram here aside. Given the age of the buildings, mostly built between 1961 and 1970, the results relating to the actual situation (yellow line) have only a sufficient score respect to the target (blue line) set for the Economy, Energy and Atmospheric Emissions issues. On the contrary, definitely more flattering evaluations have emerged for the Environment, Social Aspects and Built Urban Systems issues with values that in one case perfectly meet the set target.

Moreover, the CESBA tool has been applied in the assessment of environmental sustainability of the urban suburbs redevelopment project named Experimental city which is undergoing with national funds on the Aurora district. The analysis of the diagram (green line) shows that the planned actions lead to good performances in terms of Social Aspects and Atmospheric Emissions in the direction indicated by the targets, while significant margins for improvement still remain for the Economy and Energy issues.

As Experimental city is a project under development the analysis of area sustainability through the new assessment protocol is clearly indicating to political and technical decision makers what issues the future planning should focus on. Don’t miss the suggestions!