1 CESBA SNTools : Based on the evaluation of the test results of several EU projects' outcomes, a general framework and 8 contextualized assessment tools (CESBA SNTools) will be developed togheter with an application methodology. The tools are intended to support decision makers and the managers of publi building stocks in the implementatiton of more efficient energy retrofitting plans combining the building and the urban scale. It means the possibility to identify the most convinient retrofit strategy considering the building in relation with its urban area and verifing the possibility to activte synergies between groups of buildings.

2 CESBA MED Passport : A set of common criteria, indicators andmetrics to allow the comparison of the performance reached by public buildings and urban areas in the different MED regions and a common way to display the results will be developed. These elements will form the CESBA MED Passport.

3 CESBA MED Training System : A training system for transferring the CESBA MED tools and methodology to the main target groups will be developed, tested and validated. The Training systems is basically targeted to tools users (technical profile) and decision makers (political, management profile). The system will include programs, training materials and an e-learning platform.

4 CESBA MED Network : To maximize the capitalization of the project's outomes, their transferability and durability a CESBA MED System will be implemented primarly based on the formal activation of a CESBA MED Cities Network. The network will be funded on a CESBA MED policy paper and CESBA MED Guide. The CESBA MED system will allow to increase the number of building stocks owners/managers adopting the CESBA MED tools and methodology.