Co-creation Lab

September 19th 2019

On September 19th, our partners from the Municipality of Udine organized their Co-creation Lab. It was an opportunity to bring together representatives of the Architects' Province Order, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the National Urban Planning Institute.

Workshop participants shared the participatory approach in which the city of Udine invested heavily during the project, asking for the collaboration of all those who by profession or passion deal with sustainability on urban scale. The attention of the group has focused on three critical aspects related to a correct use of the SN tool and the reliability of its results: first of all the choice of benchmarks, weights and objectives for each indicator, secondly, but not less important, the choice of the additional criteria that together with the KPIs describe the sustainability level of a neighborhood.

Finally the opportunity to verify that the numbers calculated by the technicians through the tool reflect the perception of those who live and work in the neighborhood. Starting from here two references to those in charge of promoting the decision making process:

  • a clear commitment to the technical training of the municipal staff, but also to political decision-makers, so that they are aware of how their choices in the tool setting can influence the outcome of the evaluation;
  • a criteria choice as wide and shared as possible, to better respect the specific character of a neighborhood and therefore recognize its real needs;
  • a feedback action aiming to verify on the ground the correspondence between the value calculated through the SNtool and the level of liveability actually perceived