CESBA MED has started

Kick of meeting in Marseille 16th - 17th of January 2017

The CESBA MED project has started with a kick-off meeting in Marseille on 16th-17th of January. 26 representatives from 12 project partners refined the project objectives and started the work on the project.

CESBA MED objectives

Energy efficiency improvement is a key strategy to reduce the environmental impact of public buildings. Energy efficient meas-ures and their implementation at neighbourhood scale (i.e. district heating, PV installations, etc) have clearly demonstrated that a building scale approach is not an optimal approach for reaching significant and cost-effective improvements. Groups of buildings offer remarkable opportunities for effective synergies. However, decision making processes and design interventions are more complex at neighbourhood scale. CESBA MED intends to find the most affordable and operational solutions for the develop-ment of energy efficiency plans at a large scale.

CESBA MED at a glance

Capitalize existing knowledge

  • Exploit results from 10 previous EU projects that support the development of energy efficiency plans for public buildings in the context of their surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Identify the most affordable, operational and suitable assess-ment criteria and method for the MED region at building and neighbourhood scale.

CESBA MED Passport, network and city award

  • Develop a CESBA MED Passport for public buildings to support the comparison in absolute terms of the sustainability per-formance of neighbourhoods in the MED area.
  • Establish a CESBA MED city award.
  • Edit a brochure on best practices.

Transfer new knowledge

  • Engage CESBA Local Project Committees (CPCs) to facilitate knowledge transfer and dissemination of results to target groups.
  • A CESBA SN Toolkit for Sustainable Neighbourhoods to sup-port local dissemination activities.
  • Develop a CESBA SN Training System and specific training programs for different users, including an e-learning platform and tailored training materials.

Other news

in Marseille, Jan 16 - Jan 17 2017