CESBA MED sustainable MED Cities project FINAL CONFERENCE in Torino, October 11th 2019

The CESBA MED final conference is taking place within the framework of an Interreg MED Programme, in the field of reducing the environmental impact of public buildings.

The conference is organised in close cooperation with the project partners and gives insight into the practices addressing a set of common criteria, indicators and metrics to allow the comparison of the performance reached by public buidings and urban areas in the different MED regions and into a common way to display the results.

The conference will offer the participants a dynamic debate with European and national experts. It will also shed light on the implementation of an assessment tool (CESBA SNTools) and on an application methodology. The tools are intended to support decision makers and the managers of public building stocks in the implementation of more efficient energy retroffiting plans combining the building and the urban scale. It means the possiblity to identify the most convenient retrofit strategy considering the building in relation with its urban area and verifying the possibility to activate synergies between groups of buildings.

The conference will also give major opportunity for exchanges between the representatives of experts on a training system for transferring the CESBA MED tools and methodology.