EU Sustainable Energy Week

17-21 June 2019



EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)
17-21 June 2019
Shaping Europe`s Energy Future

The Project CESBA MED will participate at the EU Sustainable Energy Week within the Networking Village and explain the key principles of PGS (participatory guarantee systems) and its impact to society.

The PGS Approach meets the overall topic of the EUSEW Energy week "A Clean Planet for all".

Within the Networking Village CESBA will offer a quiz and a dart game with questions regarding the CESBA approach ideas on horizontal harmonization & vertical integration of Energy performance of the built environment in Europe as well as assessment of the built environment on different scales: territorial and neighbourhood scale.

Further CESBA members will together with EnvirobatBDM offer a Q&A regarding participatory guarantee
systems (PGA) in Europe.

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