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Project: "Udine sta bene in strada"

Validation of the system of indicators by the citizens

The development of the CESBA MED project in the city of Udine has foreseen in recent months an in-depth phase of verification and comparison with the citizens aimed at making the environmental quality indicators known but at the same time verifying their correspondence and awareness with respect to the perception of the inhabitants.

This actvity has been integrated, among other things with the poject called "Udine sta bene in strada", which has the aim of improving the livability of public spaces.

The intervention, which was organized with the support of the Centro Antartide of Bologna, was structured with the aim of involving residents of the Aurora District (object of the CESBA MED experimentation) of different ages: seniors, children and parents. For these last two categories a questionnaire was in particular designed, then administered in the last weeks to children aged 9 to 13 attending the "Friz" primary school and the "Bellavitis" secondary school. The administration to the students was carried out by expert staff who went to each class and took the opportunity to compare these times with the children precisely to indicate their perception of the indicators of environmental quality and livability of the district. A total of around 150 students were involved.
At the conclusion of the class activities, each child was asked to give a questionnaire, similar to the one they had filled out, to their parents or to an adult in their own right. The children and the boys have become full-time interviewers and at the same time ambassadors of these issues in their families.
The questionnaire aimed to collect data on the perception of inhabitants compared to some of the areas analyzed by the CEASBA MED project through the indicators. The result will then be a return and a comparison between the data of the perceived and the more objective ones elaborated starting from the grid of the CESBA MED indicators.
The deepening of the perception of the inhabitants is fundamental for building a path of improvement of the urban quality through actions, infrastructures and services that better respond to the needs of citizens. Not necessarily to realize new ones but eventually also to make known the existing and increase awareness.