Partner News from Udine

CESBA SNtool in the training agenda of the Order of Architects and Engineers

Every year the Order of Architects (O.A.P.P.C.) and the Order of Engineers (O.I.) of the Province of Pordenone (the third biggest city in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region) offer their members a continuous professional training and updating plan in accordance with the national legislation.

The training consists of a series of meetings and workshops throughout the year.

On March 25th at the Fiera di Pordenone, O.A.P.P.C and O.I. in collaboration with & Co Energie Condivise organized a meeting on sustainability issues entitled "Sustainability rating in construction and urban planning: sustainable buildings in sustainable neighborhoods", where the Municipality of Udine was invited to present the results of CESBA MED project and in particular the SNtool and its application areas.

Alongside topics such as Minimum Environmental Criteria, foreseen by Italian legislation for the assignment of planning services and works for public buildings, and the contribution of sustainability assessment systems to the introduction of "green purchases", a qualified public of 40 professionals was able to learn about the new tool to help political decision makers who are preparing to define urban redevelopment plans.