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Press conference in Bregenz,

July 5th, 2019

The municipality of Schnifis wins an international competition (the 1st CESBA Neighborhood Award) for good neighborhood development

The INTERREG MED project CESBA MED organized the 1st CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019. The neighborhood award was a competitive challenge for urban areas in certain categories and for certain criteria’s. 23 Submissions from 7 different European countries applied for the Award. An international jury verified the 4 winners of the Award, among them is the municipality of Schnifis. Schnifis has been awarded for their village center development project. The prime minister of Vorarlberg Karlheinz Rüdisser congratulated at the press conference on Friday July 5th to this prize: “The municipality of Schnifis has shown that intensive citizen participation over many years leads to coherent results. At the same time, the spatial and sustainability goals of the state of Vorarlberg are being met.”

The aim of the competition was to use and disseminate the methods developed together with twelve project partners from seven European countries to assess the sustainability of neighbourhoods and districts. Good examples of district development are to be collected and processed. Another objective was the networking of the actors. The planning process, the commitment, the sustainable development and the future vision of existing and new neighbourhoods in communities up to 10,000 inhabitants, up to 50,000 inhabitants and up to more than 50,000 inhabitants were assessed.

One of the prizes in the category “Areas under a planned or project phase retrofitting” was awarded to the municipality of Schnifis. The mayor of Schnifis Anton Mähr is happy with the award: “The international award serves as an incentive for us to carefully continue our plans for a sustainable future of our municipality. The participation of the citizens is very important for the development of visions and the realisation of projects."